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Shep's Best Winter Tales 5 CD Set
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5 CD Set, 6 hours of Shep's best Winter Tales. 1. Robert Service Poetry, from very rare late 1950s broadcasts. 2. last hour of Limelight Show - December 26, 1964 - Early Version of Red Ryder BB Gun story. 3. January 18, 1966 Kids Winter Sports-Swamp Hockey Plus: part 1 of Saturday Show from January 27, 1968 - The Dayak Curse! For a short period following the last live broadcast from the Village Limelight in December 1967, Shep continued in the 90-minute format from the WOR studios. This is the only known complete show from that brief period. The first half-hour of this show has only just turned up, and is not quite up to our usual standard of audio quality, but is included here to give you the only complete broadcast from this time. 4. Saturday January 27, 1968 - final hour: aftermath of Curse, Flick's Tongue - now has complete original end for the first time! Plus: January 15, 1976 (not a complete show-commercials have been cut and some content edited to squeeze it onto the CD) Service: Shooting of Dan McGrew, Winter, Flick's Tongue 5a. February 21, 1961 Phantom Ice Skater (last 6 min of show) 5b. January 16, 1964 Great Indiana Blizzard - complete 45-minute show 5c. December 01, 1976 (30" syndicated version) Teddy Bears, Shoveling Snow for $$$
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