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1966 Shows Volume Two - 17 shows
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66-02-11 FR Kentucky Cock Fight, Ade Story-Learning Vs Learning How; 66-02-14 MON Valentine's Day L-U-V, Brits Dump on American Culture; 66-02-15 TU Transister Mystique, Cosmic End Time Secrets: 66-02-16 WED At Playboy Magazine; 66-02-18 FR True Believerdom; 66-02-21 MON Head of the Demonstrator aka The Demo Scene; (tape bad-some muffle); 66-02-22 TU By George-Washington (tape warp); 66-02-23 WED The World A-Go-Go, Og & Charlie Discover Progress (warp): 66-02-24 TH Shep, That's OUR World, Bidet, Fall of J W Beane (bad spots tape warp); 66-02-25 FR Tell the Story Already; 66-03-04 FR High School Ring (has end of previous show); 66-03-07 MON Hillbilly Radio-Classic Entertainment; 66-03-09 WED Junking (and last min 03-08); 66-03-10 TH NY NY, A Helluva Town-Farenheit 451, Urban Decay; 66-03-14 MON Circus of Dr Lao; 66-03-15 TU Mike Todd's Party for Liz Taylor; 66-03-17 TH MDs on TV, How to Enjoy Your Vacation (5m news end)
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