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1964 MP3 Disc 4 Nov & Dec & more!
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Nov 09 MON Brits and Ams Separate Races; Nov 16 MON Exciting Night on Channel Whoopie - no op music; Nov 17 TUE Driving Capt Cherry on a Date; Nov 18 WED Whiners, One Born Every Minute - speed probs-wow; Nov 19 THU Randy Shepherd in Burma - news end; Nov 23 MON Football Sportscast - Can't See Bowl Game; Nov 26 THU Thanksgiving Day- Xmas Tree Makes B'way Debut-Celebrating Holidays; Nov 27 FRI Sign for Back of Your Car, Getting Ahead at Work; Dec 09 WED Strange Moments in Sports - The Icy Fear; Dec 15 TUE Govt Cover-ups - no open; Dec 16 Wed Teaching as Show Biz Dec 21 MON Show Biz Uber Alles-Reverting to a Primitive State; Dec 22 TUE last 8 min ONLY & 4 min news -heavy static at end Dec 23 WED First Shot Show Biz-School Choir; Dec 24 THU Christmas Cards Reflect Times - last 35 min only; Dec 28 or 29 Straws, Kopfspeilen -runs off tape at 40 minutes; Dec 30 WED New Year'S Eve at the Burlycue - no op-starts in talk-some gaps from splices; c.64 Hartwest Synd #37 One Man Radio Station
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In God We Trust-All Others Pay Cash 7-CD set
Shep reads his first book, in it's entirety, from 1969. Long sought after - now here it is!
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Item NumberIGWT-7CD

Jean Shepherd's America TV Series 3 DVD Set
All 13 episodes of Season Two of Jean Shepherd's America on 3 DVDs. As of 3/25/11, I have added the last two episodes to Disc Three, although from inferior sources.
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1964 MP3 4-Disc Set
All four of the 1964 MP3 discs at a special price!
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Item Number64MP3Set
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