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*Please Read this FIRST!*
August 2018 update - this store is broken - I can't see your orders! If you pay with Paypal, I should see a notification, but I won't know what you ordered! We are working on it. Everything listed is still available, all sale prices still valid. If in doubt, just EMAIL ME max@wbai.org. All of the products on the website are still available, but the process is way out-of-date and needs to be streamlined. As of right now - Jan 13, 2016 - I will no longer accept credit card orders EXCEPT THROUGH PAYPAL! The credit card "service" was costing me more per month than I took in, so I cancelled the service. We are in the process of setting up a Paypal gateway. Further, the Post Office has closed my PO Box, SO DO NOT SEND ANY CHECKS TO THE PO BOX! I don't know if they are holding them, returning them, or burning them. If you want to send a check, please email me first at max@wbai.org or mschmid@rcn.com. I will send you my home mailing address if you need to mail a check, but I can't put it on the website, being a somewhat public person in a world that contains some scary nut-jobs.
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*Please Read this FIRST!* *Please Read this FIRST!*
2014 Summer Sale! 2014 Summer Sale!
A note about postage A note about postage
Assorted Non-Shep Goodies Assorted Non-Shep Goodies
Audio CDs Audio CDs
CD Sets CD Sets
Radio Shows Radio Shows
Shep Reads His Own Works! Shep Reads His Own Works!
DVD - Shep on Television! DVD - Shep on Television!
DVD Sets DVD Sets
Single DVDs Single DVDs
Limelight Shows Limelight Shows
MP3 Discs MP3 Discs
Radio Again Series-SALE!! Radio Again Series-SALE!!
WOR Shows on Cassette WOR Shows on Cassette
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1964 MP3 4-Disc Set
All four of the 1964 MP3 discs at a special price!
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Item Number64MP3Set

All 12 Shep DVDs
Get all twelve of my Shep DVDs for bargain price! Save $44 compared to individual pricing, save $15 over the smaller set prices.
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Item NumberDVD 12 DVD Set

In God We Trust, All Other Pay Cash
Complete reading of Shep's first novel, by the author himself! Now on MP3
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Item NumberIGWT MP3
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