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Assorted Non-Shep Goodies
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Filthy Roasts and XXX Radio on MP3 Disc 1
X-Rated Celebrity Roasts, plus an assortment of under the counter "Party Records" from the fifties. Over 12 hours of filthy fun on MP3 disc.
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roast1mp3 $12.00
Hundreds of Rare Old Time Radio Shows on 2 DVDs
DVD Disc One has hundreds of rare radio shows from the 1930s. Disc Two features programs from the 1940s. An instant Old-Time Radio collection! Taken mostly from my own tape collection.
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OTRDVD30s40s $10.00
More Celebrity Roasts - mostly PG-rated on MP3
Not-so-nasty Celebrity Roasts (but note ratings for each show!) featuring big names like Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnez, Roger Moore, Arnold, Zsa-Zsa, Ed McMahon, more! 12 hours on MP3 disc
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Roast2mp3 $12.00
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Assorted Non-Shep Goodies Assorted Non-Shep Goodies
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Shep Reads His Own Works! Shep Reads His Own Works!
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All 12 Shep DVDs
Get all twelve of my Shep DVDs for bargain price! Save $44 compared to individual pricing, save $15 over the smaller set prices.
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Item NumberDVD 12 DVD Set

Jean Shepherd's America TV Series 3 DVD Set
All 13 episodes of Season Two of Jean Shepherd's America on 3 DVDs. As of 3/25/11, I have added the last two episodes to Disc Three, although from inferior sources.
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Jean Shepherd Movie Set - 4th, Phantom, Josephine
Digitally enhanced from my best copies of home taped shows, You will not find better quality on these lost Shepherd films. They are recorded one movie per DVD to preserve the highest quality.
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Item NumberDVDSet1
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