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Syndicated Half Hours - Vol 2
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25 Syndicated 1/2 Hour Shows packaged in paper sleeve

02-04-75 The Battery
03-04-75 Triangle Donuts
03-07-75 Manatee
03-11-75 History
03-13-75 Godzonka Pt 2
04-03-75 Surplus and Confession;
06-02-75 Sex Tapes and Piano Rolls
06-11-75 James Bond, Desk
06-19-75 (rec 06-18) Napoli Flim Flam
07-08-75 Flying Bike
08-19-75 Carl the Singing Chicken
08-22-75 License Plates
09-05-75 Cod Liver Oil
09-08-75 Spartans, Dead Sea
10-22-75 (?) Irish Pubs
11-13-75 Hero, Failure
11-14-75 Sunken Ships
12-03-75 Driver's License
1975  Friday - Dogs of Elsinore
01-07-75 Tues - Biting
02-04-76 Lion Tamer
1976 Newsreel, Retired Numbers, American Traits
03-16-77 Incredible Mess (complete show)
M-0464 Giant Ice Cream Cone
M-0007 T-Shirts

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